Review: Swiss Lips - Swiss Lips (EP)

Synth-pop boppers Swiss Lips have taken their time concocting their first, self-titled, EP - three years, in fact, since signing their deal with Epic Records. Good things come to those who wait? As true as ever.

Swiss Lips (the EP) by Swiss Lips (the band) is a head-bopping, hip-swaying, sunglass-wearing slice of too-cool craft pop where each track has its own calling card; a snippet that sinks its teeth into your frontal lobe and refuses to let go until you’re up and dancing.

The apocalyptic opener Books sets the course for broody, synth-driven beats driven by an undercurrent of guitars and buzzing, angry basslines. “Set fire the books that you read!/Let go of the dreams that you had!” roars Sam Hammond, over screaming Fenders and ghostly oh-oh-ohs. It’s odd to begin on what sounds like the end of the world, but the rebirth that follows is the catchiest of new beginnings, with the hooks to prove ut.

The dramatic strings on Honey, the ‘woohoos’ and infectiously upbeat tempo of U Got The Power, the contemplative chord progressions of Over and Over and the illegally catchy refrain of Carolyn - no one song sounds the same and each chews away at your head. Swiss Lips is the musical equivalent of swimming in a tank of pirahnas - with laser eyes and gnashing synthesisers for teeth.

What this Manchester five-piece push is a manifesto of catchy hooks with an injection of 1980s cool. They’re Kavinsky on a sunny day rather than a broody night, lasers and neon firing on all fronts in a flurry of woah-ohs and chart-friendly rising choruses. Pop, but not as we know it.

7Bit’s 7 Word Review: 80s modern pop? Fire up the Quattro.