Review: In Dynamics - Circle EP

Circle, the debut EP from In Dynamics, is an explosive statement of intent. It's an astonishingly produced, staggeringly professional seventeen minute cut of modern rock music which easily stands toe-to-toe with its influences. Those influences are worn boldly on its sleeve without shame, and rightly so: it's easy to mistake the sound of the Sussex three-piece for a Biffy, an Idlewild, an Arcane Roots (with whom they share a producer). These boys know what it takes to make great music and they're unafraid to show it.

Each of Circle's five songs are an electrifying mish-mash of pop-rock, alternative and post-hardcore punk. Equal Ground explodes like a bomb in a power station, searing electricity blasting from each slashing, grunting chord and lightning-precise riff in the intro. There's a glorious chant in the bridge designed, and hopefully destined, for future arena tours.

Frontman Beau Bolden has a voice akin to Simon Neil's, equally throaty as it is light. He has as much of a gift for teasing hearts as he does for ripping the fabric of the air in two: "Is time worth waiting for," goes Equal Ground's soft chorus, "to give me mine, to give you yours?" As effective, on different levels, is Liposuction's harmony-laden reprise. "They say this time won't be wasted, waiting in the middle, but you're second guessing, yeah, your first chance to be real." It's harsher, delivered between spat, hardcore verses and grunting layered guitars, but equally it's rough, golden nectar for the ears.

Symmetry screams Idlewild, its rapid-fire verses akin to A Modern Way of Letting Go. It's an aural charge down a night-time city boulevard, lights flashing by at hundreds of miles an hour, an astonishing case of vision through sound. It and Running Hands are rushing stampedes, daring to trample you in the midst but instead hoisting you onto the back of a buzzing neon-bright wildebeest, careening through dirt and grit on a wave of snappy snare whacks and foot-tapping melodies. For a band this young to launch such incredibly visceral assaults of sound, generated largely by the brother-brother duo of Will & Jack Wrench on bass and drums, is astonishing.

Perhaps even more astounding is that, at the time of writing, Circles is being released for free on In Dynamics' Bandcamp page. Totally free. There's no excuse not to sample one of 2013's most promising new bands, an outfit who have carefully fine-tuned their debut effort over several sessions for just five tracks. They've gone to such efforts to ensure that it sounds ready to play with the big boys - and it most certainly does.

"Without reason, without meaning, I fell for you and broke my front teeth," sings Bolden on I Never Make Sense, the closest that Circle comes to sounding soft. Something tells me they wrote this with future fans in mind. Prepare to meet one of your new favourite bands.